Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Postcard from the airport

It's now been 25 hours since I've slept, so if this post is incoherent, that's the reason.  Still, what better way to pass the time till check in than to write?  So, faithful reader, here's a postcard from the airport.

As an infrequent traveler, who just finished her fifth flight ever, the novelty hasn't worn off.  The last 18 hours have been an almost complete disconnect from my normal life.  It's as if, when I walked onto the plane, I temporarily shed my identity.  No one here knows anything about me.  (Interestingly, people seem to assume I'm German, until I start speaking.  Must be the Hess and Herr coming out).  It's nice, at least for a short time.  No phone calls, no driving, no one asking me for snacks.  Instead, I'm being catered to, with free coffe, apples, coffeecake, and wifi at the USO.  The lack of domestic responsibility almost cancels out the jet lag. 

I'm aware, by the way, that if I was staying home with children and reading a friend's blog, even reading a complaint  about something like jet lag would probably come across like a size 2 complaining to a size 10 about how hard it was to find clothes that fit.  It would be a little hard to empathize.  ;)  I"m still pinching myself a little that we get to have this amazing opportunity/gift. 

Clothes and fashion always interest me, so I've been observing everyone's style.  If you want to dress like a European this fall, the two must-haves appear to be scarves and boots.  Any kind of boots.  They should be worn with slim pants, tights, or leggings.  Short hair is more popular over here too, so I feel right at home.

A cup of coffee is calling my name.  That's it for now.   

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  1. I'm so glad for you to have this blessing, Julie! Soak it in deeply and store it up for those less glamorous moments in the future. :) Thanks for writing about it and thereby allowing the rest of us to enjoy it vicariously. I, for one, am reading it while spooning oatmeal into a little mouth .... ;)