Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Finally, something that isn't gloomy!

The last few posts have been, um, kind of heavy, haven't they?  Surgery fears, more than we can handle, discontent ... string them all together and the picture is decidedly skewed toward the dark side.  (Yes, I know:  if I wrote more frequently this might not be an issue).  I do end up using this space as therapy, and you may feel in need of some after you read it!

There are many good things going on right now in the midst of the craziness that is summer.  The children and I have 5 weeks under our belts, 6 more to go.  Sure, there's the daily squabbles, but no one has yet threatened to run away or hide in the bathtub for the afternoon.  I have 6 fun events saved up my sleeve, one for each remaining week, which feels like money in the bank.  The guest house rental is going reasonably well - everyone seems to be enjoying themselves, and our daughter is thrilled that several visitors have had girls her age.  Oh, and airconditioners, even the window unit kind, get my vote for best top 10 inventions ever.  Nate and I get to talk almost every day, and I'm actually remembering to send notes and care packages on a semi-regular basis. 

We even have room for some long planned extras like swim lessons, an upcoming 2 days off for me (hallelujah! hallelujah! .... ) and a possible day camp.  I'm learning to let the housework go a bit, and expand my "messiness comfort zone."  Hey, the children are over getting their own breakfasts while I write this.  They're probably watching a video and eating cornflakes in the living room, but at least they're getting independent.  So many things to be thankful for!


  1. Therapy's good for all of us, but I'm glad for all the "happys" you could find - especially your two days off! Hope they are refreshing for you!

  2. I'm afraid I would be the same Julia! I started a blog and made about 5 entries, all on fasting, so it wasn't wildly popular...