Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mrs. Popularity

I have yet to meet anyone who says "You know, I really enjoyed high school. I felt comfortable in my skin, got good grades, and was a fairly popular person with a lot of friends." (If this describes you, please let me know. I want proof that such a person exists).

In my case, the grades were reasonably good, and I made some excellent friends, but I certainly never ran with the "popular" crowd. No one hung on my every word, or considered a party incomplete without me. Not that I'm resentful or scarred by this or anything. Certainly not.

However, it has belatedly occurred to me that I'm very popular with certain people: specifically, 3 small people under the age of 10. They constantly ask me to play games, go outside with them, and take them places. They seek me out while I'm brushing my hair, or my teeth, or attempting to finish getting dressed. They may not hang on my every word (or do everything I ask them to), but they bask in my approval, and even routinely tell me that I'm pretty. The irony is that now, in one sense more "popular" than I've ever been in my life, I often respond to my fawning followers with "For Pete's sake, can I get a moment's peace?" or "I'll play a game later," or "All right everyone, outside. Scoot! I had 3 of you so you could play games with each other, not me."

I'm not apologizing for this. Children need to learn to play independently. Still, I've resolved to try and be a little more thankful for the fact that my children, at this stage of life anyway, want to spend lots of time with me. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go play "Go Fish."

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